5 Things your child will not learn at school!



Respecting people

Children largely learn by imitation and education starts at home. It is essential for parents and others at home to respect and love each other and show that they care. If as a parent you scream and disrespect your partner, the child would grow up thinking that it is alright to do so and he/she will continue the cycle with their respective partners in future.

Being kind to animals

being kind to animalsThis lesson may or may not be taught at school, but it is of utmost importance that parents take care in teaching kids this. Small things like not hitting the stray dog, or tugging at a cow’s tail or maybe simply teaching them that animals are living beings too and they can feel love and pain just like we do, so if one cannot go out of the way to love them, then they should be left alone and not hurt.  

Reading a book for fun

With the abundance of technology all around us, most children do not show as much interest in reading anymore; it is either TV or video games. Reading from an early age develops their imagination power, hence helping to think outside the box and being creative; which is why it is essential that children spend a substantial time reading books.

Not to waste food

This is self-explanatory. Every child should be taught that food is precious and it is not OK to waste it. If they are not sure about the taste of the food, then start taking in small amounts on the plate and proceed from there.

Teaching the value of moneyvalue of money

The art of saving money and spending wisely is a lesson that all parents must teach their children. If they don’t learn it in their childhood, you cannot expect them to suddenly be adept at it when they start earning.


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